Cloe Jakel

Product Designer

I thrive in the problem space - discovering and defining the right problem.

My background is in science and research, the 'why' drives my process.
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Service Victoria

Adding a feature to an existing app. Users often experienced connection issues when checking-in with the Service Victoria app. I designed a feature that would capture user's data and save it to be automatically uploaded when the connection was stronger. 
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Cat People of Melbourne

Users had trouble determining if a pet would be a good fit when their pet profiles were lacking information. I redesigned the website to make it simple for users find the right cat for them by ensuring that the search filters were easy to use and that the pet profile was comprehensive and transparent.
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Give Back

Users needed a personal connection with an organisation to consider reaching out and offering to volunteer. I designed the Give Back app to allow users to easily reach out to the organization directly via a built-in messaging feature and begin building that personal connection.
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I create pixel perfect digital solutions focusing on human-centered design

 I have a growth mindset and I am committed to lifelong learning.
 I am forever curious; I want to understand the why and I am not afraid to ask the hard questions.
 I am problem-driven, I always keep the problem in mind – what is the problem we are solving, who has this problem and what do we want to achieve?
 I am user focused; I want to create innovative and delightful user experience backed by extensive UX research and user testing.
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